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Education and Community on How Golfers Learn

At Golf OTEC, we aim to move the conversation toward:

'HOW' skill is learned.

'HOW' to transfer your practice directly to performance.

'HOW' the quality of your practice is more important than the quantity of your practice.

'HOW' to create optimal performance environments for the transfer to take place. 

'HOW' to question everything that you do in your practice or coaching environment.

Ultimately Golf OTEC will enable you to answer the key question ...

"Will this practice session, transfer to the golf course?"

The Golf OTEC concept is built on...


Golf OTEC is your educational resource for those of you that truly want to understand the concepts of 'HOW' Golfers learn.

Our 6 week educational course 'The Constraints-led Approach - Theory into Practice' will address some of the practical games we have created and then use them as frameworks to open up discussion and debate around your specific questions.

Enabling you to create golf practice environments that are engaging, full of emotion and have maximum transfer to the golf course.

Golfotec Golf Education
Golf Community


We are a community who share and encourage stimulating debate about 'HOW' golfers should be trained within a principled scientific framework.

This community discussion board is to support your continuous learning through and beyond any of the training or education packages you have experienced with Golf OTEC.

Join our community of golfers and golf coaches who want to learn more about 'how' golfers learn.


  • Coach & player education, group & individual on 'HOW' golfers learn.
  • Support services for academies, development squads, coaches and individual golfers.
  • Community-based learning & sharing.
  • Bespoke e-learning and in-person training.
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What People Say About Us

“As a coach, I have been faced with this question many times: ‘why is the work I am doing with my players not transferring to the course?’ When I got to know Graeme and Peter, the answer was staring me in the face, my coaching sessions looked great however were too structured and ordered. The guys have seriously challenged me to rethink how I coach and given me tools to help transfer time spent in practice to on course performance. Great Golf happens on the Edge of Chaos!!”

 Jussi Pitkanen
Golf Union of Iceland of PGA Fellow Professional & National Coach

‘Graeme and Peter are responsible for opening our eyes to unique approach to coaching that had not been presented to us in any other coach education platforms. We're thankful for their friendships and their generous spirit for sharing. They've truly shaped the way we go about interacting with our athletes. I will not miss any education opportunities they offer and recommend others to do the same.’

Corey Lundberg
COO of Altus Performance

‘Graeme and Peter are innovative, out-of-the box thinkers whose unique approach have helped shape our understanding of coaching effectiveness. Their thoughts and insights have had an impact on how we interact with athletes. I'd encourage everyone who is inspired to be a great coach or player to seek them out whenever possible.’

Matt Wilson
Head Coach of Golf Canada’s National Junior Girls Squad of PGA Ontario Coach of the year 2018

"I would advise anyone, both coaches and players that are looking for better ways to practice to have a look inside the world of Peter and Graeme’s work around golf. Ever since I was introduced to their approach to coaching, I have used their games and principles of game design with great success on every level. National Team players as well as professionals in Denmark use the games as a big part of practice routines, as it helps them transfer their practice to the course."

Anders Danielsen
Danish National Girls Coach

Peter and Graeme are at the forefront of improving the way we practice and get better at golf. They're not only well versed in the research but some of the best at the practical application of motor learning research. A few years ago I spent a whole day training with Peter and Graeme and I was blown away with how much it felt like real competition. I had genuinely never felt like that before in practice. Whenever I have someone who asks me about improving their practice I recommend they talk with Peter and Graeme because I know they'll help that golfer practice more efficiently and get better faster.

Cordie Walker
founder of Golf Science Lab

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