Golf on the Edge of Chaos

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Why on the Edge of Chaos?

Why do some people gain more from practice than others?

What seems clear is that when the reproduction of a skill or movement becomes ingrained no amount of increased practice/experience will bring about a marked improvement in performance.

For this reason, expert performers’ deliberately bypass ingrained behaviour by seeking out increasingly more demanding tasks.

Such tasks continuously require them to stretch their performance beyond its current level.

In other words, optimal training environments must be designed to place you or your player's current skill levels and capabilities on the edge of chaos.

In doing so, you or your players are forced to develop new attributes in order to regain a sense of stability in performance. 

Learning for you or your players is the journey from instability to stability, when a new level of stability is found it must be followed by a new period of instability until your required performance level is reached.

It is a journey on the edge of chaos.

We invite you to join a community that allows you to discover, experience and create learning environments on the edge of chaos.

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The Golf OTEC concept is......



Golf OTEC attempts to demonstrate to you how a scientifically principled viewpoint with regards to golfer development can be positioned within the practical context.

Using the theoretical frameworks of ecological psychology and dynamical systems theory (ecological dynamics) you will discover how this can assist you by providing you with education and support to look at how theory transfers into practice.

Helping you to discover that 'how' golfers learn has more relevance to performance development than 'what'.


This learning platform designed for you consists of theory presentations, audio/visual session plans (practice games), webinars, blogs, one to one discussions and open, community-based, collaboration.

In addition to this, you will have access to a community forum library that consists of books, video clips, academic journals, and articles from expert researchers and practitioners.


Using the framework and tools previously mentioned you will discover how to create systems that optimise you or your player's development. Exploring and understanding the difference between holistic and atomistic systems.

Enabling you to understand the dynamic nature of the human system. A system that when it interacts with an environment, and a task, it is subsequently changed by the interaction – and this is the player’s eco-system. Crucially any system that is changed by its interaction with the world underscores the need for 'context' in learning.

As such the smartness of the human system represents both a threat and an opportunity to you or your players. You will learn how to make it an opportunity.

Graeme & Pete

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