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What is it for?

This community discussion board is to support your continuous learning through and beyond any of the training or education packages you have experienced with Golf OTEC.

What is it?

We are continually asked about what the best resources are for learning how to practice, coach or to assess your own practice environments.

Instead of sharing these individually with you, we thought, why not get some of our friends, expert practitioners and researchers in sport who get asked the same questions, all together in one community.

A community where we can all learn from each other, ask specific questions, share practice examples, share the latest research, learn from other sports, learn from other coach’s, learn from other golfers.

A community where we talk about 'HOW' golfers learn.

Who is it for?

All levels of coach. We are a community that creates content that answers all levels of inquiry on practice transfer.

All levels of golfer. We are a community of practitioners and researchers. We apply the latest research in learning to our coaching practice and have taught beginners to Olympic champions. We as a community will share these experiences and answer any questions you have.

Answering your questions, such as:

  • I am a beginner coach, where is the best place to start learning about learning?
  • I am doing this (insert details) with a player I coach, is there anyways I could refine what I do with this player?
  • My practice environment is this (insert details) at the moment and my competitive scores are not getting any better. Why?
  • What is the best way to use video analysis?
  • How do I use Technology to get the best transfer to performance?
  • How often should I give feedback to a golfer?
  • How do I recreate the emotions I feel during competitions in practice?

However the aim of this community is not to just give you the answers, it is to elevate the level of education and understanding of golf coaches and golfers so that you understand and can create your own effective practice or learning environments.

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"Peter and Graeme are at the forefront of improving the way we practice and get better at golf. They're not only well versed in the research but some of the best at the practical application of motor learning research. A few years ago I spent a whole day training with Peter and Graeme and I was blown away with how much it felt like real competition. I had genuinely never felt like that before in practice. Whenever I have someone who asks me about improving their practice I recommend they talk with Peter and Graeme because I know they'll help that golfer practice more efficiently and get better faster."