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How it Works

Golf OTEC's 1st course 'The Constraints-led Approach - Theory into Practice' is a 6-week course. Video lessons will be released every two weeks to open up discussion and debate whilst supporting your learning via group webinars and Golf OTEC's discussion board.

Along with the 6-week course, you will get access to our community discussion board + selected OTEC Talks.


1. Watch

'The Constraints-led Approach - Theory into Practice' includes 13 videos. Each lesson features Graeme and Peter, sharing insights and practical experience of turning theory into practice through their practice games.

2. Prompt

Each video will prompt you to think hard about the learning environments you create, how you create them and what purpose they serve you or your players. Then we invite you to share your insights with the community on a dedicated discussion board.

3. Connect

Comment on other students' responses and questions on a 24/7 discussion board. You'll discover and learn with others on the same journey as you. Share your learning environments, such as your practice games, with the community.

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Gain access to the golf forum, community, and educational content.

‘Graeme and Peter are responsible for opening our eyes to unique approach to coaching that had not been presented to us in any other coach education platforms.We're thankful for their friendships and their generous spirit for sharing.

They've truly shaped the way we go about interacting with our athletes. I will not miss any education opportunities they offer and recommend others to do the same.’

Corey Lundberg

COO of Altus Performance | Golf Digest Best Young Teachers | Golf Digest Best in State | U.S. Kids Top 50 Kids Teachers | Founder of Curious Coaches

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who seeks to have greater understanding of how to create effective practice environments that help you optimize you or your players learning.

You should dive into this course if you...

  • Are a golfer or golf coach who is seeking to understand how to get the most out of your practice time.
  • Have experienced unexpected outcomes or challenges from what was previously assumed to be effective training environments.
  • Work in a Talent Development environment.
  • Are seeking to improve adaptability & resilience for yourself or your players.
  • Are looking to develop more game intelligence for yourself or your players.
  • Would like to understand WHERE you practice, WHO you practice with and HOW you practice have massive implications for your or your player's development.

Learn how to ...

  • Create golf games that are engaging, full of emotion and feel like you are playing in a tournament.

  • Take a principled approach to player development using a framework that can account for the learner and the learning process.

  • Talk knowledgeably about the framework to individuals or in presentation format.

  • Save time through efficient practice design. Quality, not Quantity.
  • Understand the shift from traditional practice design to modern practice design.
  • Change or predict behaviour by manipulating the constraints that control performance, focusing on dynamic interactions rather than the component parts of the system.

  • Manipulate these interactions in practice to promote behaviours such as Adaptability, Resilience and Decision Making.

  • Think like a game designer and build practice environments that immerses the player in what they’re doing.

  • Use skill acquisition concepts such as specificity of learning, variability and instability to inform your practice.
  • Move away from prescriptive coaching (i.e., telling, telling, telling) to one where the coach carefully constructs learning environments that force the student to develop performance enhancing capabilities

  • Understand how to create tension in practice via stability and instability.

"I would advise anyone, both coaches and players that are looking for better ways to practice to have a look inside the world of Peter and Graeme’s work around golf. Ever since I was introduced to their approach to coaching, I have used their games and principles of game design with great success on every level. National Team players as well as professionals in Denmark use the games as a big part of practice routines, as it helps them transfer their practice to the course."

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