OTEC Talks

What is OTEC Talks?

It is a new resource that we have added and is included when signing up for Season 2 of OTEC Education.

Experts in their domain present a series of presentations, lasting 40-60 minutes, on their area of expertise.

Then you will get the chance to question the presenters on their subject area on a live recorded webinar.

Who is presenting?

October – Gordon Morrison 4 part talk 'Working with the Yips'

November – Steve Astle on the Business of Golf Coaching.

December - Peter Arnott presents the findings from his Mbr Degree research into the development experiences of Scottish European Tour Professionals.

January – Professor Ian Renshaw discussing ‘Managing variability in golf and where to focus your attention’

February - Dr Ed Coughlan discussing how to create relevant consequences in your practice environments + how to help golfers manage emotion filled training environments.

How much does it cost?

It is included if you have signed up to Season 1 or 2 of OTEC Education.

OTEC Talks will be sold indvidually at a later date for £99 each.

See below for previews of OTEC Talks.

All content viewable online for a lifetime at your own leisure

Steve Astle

The Golf Coaching Business

Content Preview - What's your why?

Content Preview - What's your why?

The 1st part of Steve Astle's 3 part presentation 'The Golf Coaching Business'

Gordon Morrison

Working with the Yips in Golf

Content Preview

Content Preview

The 1st part of Gordon Morrison 4 part presentation 'Working with the Yips'